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 "Thanks to Dave & his staff for their creativity and support in designing a beautiful ring. Service was exceptional & the ring was completed in under 14 days! My fiancee loves every detail of this original desgin. We highly recommend DGI."

"I went to Helzberg Diamonds to get my jewelry inspected. They told me I needed new tips on my rings (they were all worn down) 18 tips in all. I asked about the price, they told me it would be $28 each. I was shocked, the last time I had my rings retipped it was about 8 years earlier & it was only $10 a tip. They said the price of gold went up. So I told them to forget it & I went to Diamonds & Gold. Dave the owner, told me yes the price of gold has gone up so it does cost more. His price was $12 It would have cost me $504 @ Helzberg, but only cost $216 @ Diamonds & Gold. I'll go there for jewelry repair from now on."  ~ Gina Nelson

“Our custom made ring from Diamonds and Gold International”

"I Love Diamonds and Gold! The customer service and prices are better than Any other jewelry store! I alsays tell my friends about this place because it's amazing! It's hard to find a place that won't rip you off while treating you like a special customer! you also get a hands--on lesson on how to look at diamonds!"

"Stopped this morning to have a badly mishapen ring reshaped. Was extremely pleased that it was done as I waited and the price was right!!! Many thanks for the wonderful service. Be assured I will refer people to DGI whenever the opportunity arrives and I will head across town for my next jewelry repair and/or purchase. Miss the Robbinsdale location but the few extra miles are well wore the drive!" ~K. Kloss

Dylan and Mikaela's rings!

 Kyle and Alissa's custom engagement ring.


 "My gorgeous customized engagement ring! My fiance and I ordered a custom design and used 3 princess cut diamonds from my promise ring to create this amazing ring. Dave and his staff were so great and did such an awesome job. I love it!"

"I just had my grandmother's clip earrings made into post earrings so I could wear them. My dad had made these for her long ago! Great job Diamonds and Gold!"

"My heirloom sapphire after remaking by David."

 "DGI isTERRIFIC. Someone entered my home by smashing the front door and removed several pieces of property, some of which was jewelry. David and Staff were terriffic in providing completed appraisals, in under four hours. Some items were purchased at their store and David provided receipts as well. GREAT- thank you so much."

 "My family and I have been customers for over 15 years! My fiancee worked with Dave to design my engagement ring last year and it is PERFECT! It is exactly what I wanted and the diamond is flawless! Thanks Dave, for working with Dylan and making me a happy girl! We will be in to design our wedding bands sooon!"

"Walked in to DGI to have rings sized and saw a beautiful setting. I asked Dave if my diamonds would work in that setting and he said the ring would have to be re-designed for the shape of my diamonds. The first two rings I brought in to be stretched were ready first and I was very happy with the outcome. However, when my wedding ring was ready I was so thrilled with the work DGI did. It is so BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! We started going to DGI 23 years ago ... with the wonedrul work they do, we hope to be customers for another 23 years! Thank you Dave for a job well done!!!!!!"  ~Dick & Sue

 "Sunset in Key West. My family has been returning to DGI for over 20 years for purchases, appraisals and repairs and each and every time have recieved terrific service. Most recently after a forced entry into my home and the removal of various items, DGI provided incredible service in appraising the items taken within four hours. Cudos to a terrific group. Thank you." ~Kathy

Congratulations Grant and Courtney!

"I have been avoiding going to Diamonds And Gold since they moved from Robbinsdale to St. Louis Park thinking it was too far. I finally went today and I ahve to say it was extemely easy to find. They are located in a strip mall at Woodale and Excelsior Blvd, just east of 100 on Excelsior. Again, very easy to get to . Don't let their new lcation hold you back!"

"Thanks for great service guys! our wedding rings are going 10 years strong thanks to your wervice and quality. Good luck wiht your new location in St. Louis Prk, MN."

“Congratulations Sean and Stephanie!”

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